Spring Time

Today we live in a fast paced world. If you stop for a moment to catch your breath you may quickly realize that you are completely out of breath and haven’t had a chance to notice.  The beauty of Spring is literally a breath of fresh air and for this reason alone, Spring is my season of choice.  There are many reasons to love Spring when comparing this time of year to the other three seasons. Each has its own crowning glory. However, one would have to purposely oppose feeling invigorated during these early months of the year. The sound of birds singing of sunny happy days fill the morning hours and a quick peek toward the yard can send your thoughts in the direction of fresh paint for the bird house.  All of this quickly begins to take place bringing a deep seated need to break the back of the closet flip-flops out of solitary confinement. This is the time of year when looking forward to seeing green grass and enjoying the fragrance of a fresh mown lawn overshadows the oncoming monotony of weekly mowing during summer months.  The smell of fresh spring rain carried by warm winds replaces memories of the stinging winter snow blown against the few inches of skin that you daringly exposed. The trees bear more leaves, the leaves are firmly attached and the rake is tucked away in a safe spot behind the oncoming months of warm weather.  You begin to be reminded of the bright hues of color due to the newly blooming flowers that will soon be filling your flower garden and honestly don’t mind pulling a few weeds to further hasten the process.  Pink is the new black because it goes with everything! The chill of water from the garden hose on bare feet in the early evening as you spray the winter salt off the driveway is work which brings the excitement of knowing warmer weather is just around the corner. The animals are shedding their winter coats and the shiny fur underneath the dull winter trappings begs to be brushed until surfacing. The caterpillars and inch worms are starting their ascent into the trees where they will become the beautiful butterflies and pesky moths of summertime.  After many sequestered months of growing out things start growing up and we look to the neighborhood joggers to inspire us to stretch our own legs to gain a few inches of height while losing a few inches of girth. Potential is everywhere.

It is still too early for the mosquitoes and just a perfect time for that mouth watering bar-b-q. The children start rummaging through bedroom drawers looking for their shorts and bathing suits intent on pre-planning their summer outings.  And mothers constantly remind them that although the air is warm the ground is still cold and they need to keep their socks and shoes on their feet.  Adults have their own angst.  Visions of sugarplums have their place but visions of the pool side with a favorite novel are a female paradise. The guys have their dreams with the golf clubs bearing witness to this fact.  It becomes hard to stay focused on the task at hand rather than be drawn in to a family discussion regarding the up and coming stars of golf, fishing and soccer while sounds of the U.S. Open are semi-quietly filling in the background on a Saturday afternoon. This becomes the theme song to our daily lives. Yes, this is spring. Thank Goodness it is finally here.

By Sarah Danee

Published in Victoria Magazine-Online, March 2011

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